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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Bring back Hee Haw,Damnit!

I ain't thought about it much,but whoever cancelled Hee Haw needs to be strung up by his toenails and beaten like a Mexican pinata.It had to be a commie sympathizer or toe-twiddling twinkie teaser that did it,I'm sure.Now,I demand Hee Haw be brought back to television,with new episodes,and with as many of the original cast members as possible.And don't go trying to slip any queers and transexuals in the cornfield,like I know you modern day fruits like to do.Your "reality" shows all suck monkey balls as it is,with all the fairies prancing all over the place.Uh uh..no more of that shit.No more fags.I wanna see real people on TV from here on out.

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