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Saturday, January 15, 2005

The End of European Jewry?

In this article,Former Israeli chief Rabbi Israel Meir Lau says the time of Jews in Europe is nearing the end.He said:

"In the past months I've traveled to Austria, Britain, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands, and I'm telling you there is no future for European Jewry."

I agree with this.The friction between Jews and Europe has been tense for over 1000 years.It's gotten a little better over the centuries,but the hatred remains.They will never accept us,so why stay? Israel has been reborn,and I think the Jews of Europe should take full advantage of it.Let the Europeans have their continent,and be conquered by the muslim invaders.They love to hate Jews for no good reason,but let's see how they like it when we are gone,and there is no one left to blame for their socialist failures.When their churches are turned into mosques,and their women are raped and their men are beheaded,they will wish they had spent less time hating us,and more time trying to stop their borders from being flooded by Allah's followers.

I have much respect and friendship for Europe and Europeans,and I hope they can stay alive long enough for genuine reconciliation to be made between our peoples,but I'm not very confident they will.Europe is in a death spiral,and unless they change their ways,most of their continent will be comprised of Middle Eastern and North African muslims within 150 years.No sense in Jews going down with that sinking ship.Get your butts to Israel,folks,and save yourselves.

The article doesn't mention muslims,but I did because I see islam as a large factor in the newest waves of European anti-Semitism.They are using Europe's natural hatred of Jews to stir up strife between us.If anyone wants me to show them "evidence" for my accusations,I simply say open your damned eyes.Anyone who cannot see what is truly happening right in front of them,is already lost.

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