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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Give it up,Newdow

Let's see...The United States of America,which was founded and built through the determined endeavors,hardships,and spiritual and intestinal fortitude of a small group of Christian pilgrims who sought to escape the vile,amoral bonds of old Europe,is now being attacked by the faithless filth who roam the streets of our society? The term "hypocrite" comes to mind,but "ungrateful assholes" slips just ahead of it. This fella named Michael Newdow,who has wormed his way into our national news in the past year or so,is back at his dirty deeds again.Apparantly,he hates G-d so much,he wants the 270 million religious (of some faith or another) Americans,to abandon our G-d/s,and remove all names of the Deity from our public life.

I reckon Mr. Newdow is either an indulging alcoholic,a drug addict,completely demented,or perhaps an interesting mixture of all three.It seems he feels his daughter,is "offended" by having to recite the beautiful Pledge of Allegience and even moreso when it mentions 'Under G-d".Ever heard of "home schooling",Mr. Newdow? Of course you have,but you obviously are a liberal,and feel that home schooling is something only Nazis and narrowminded Gentiles do,right? Think again,friend.I am an observant Jew,and the majority of my friends are as I am,or they are "Bible thumping" Christians.I couldn't find a better group of people if I tried.So,your problems with G-d can't be with us devout,nu?

Or maybe it is.I think,Mr.Newdow,that your heart and mind are in such conflict with one another,that you are lashing out against G-d and your religious countrymen as a way to satisfy the fury that you feel towards yourself.Could it be,Michael,that you feel G-d knocking on the door to your heart,but your arrogant,closed mind just can't accept something that cannot be seen or touched? If athiesm is truly your choice of life,Mr.Newdow,I will respect that,and I won't judge you.But when you attack G-d,which means so much to the majority of us,I take it personal.If you are so small minded and spiteful,that two little words.."Under G-d"..drive you to the point of such irrational behavior,then I must question your sanity.And when you attempt to remove the symbols of our Deity from the public arena,then I question your loyalty and patriotism to America.What may be seen as a small civil suit in origin,could (and should),become a trial of treason against a disloyal citizen who seeks to dismantle the fabric of what has held and kept our great nation strong and proud these past few centuries.

The United States of America is the only country to have founded itself upon the principles of Judeo-Christian values and beliefs,and it's no coincedence we are the most wealthy and powerful nation in world history.Dennis Prager wrote a nice article regarding this.It can be found

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