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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Holy Undertrained Burger Flippers,Batman!

What in the shit is going on in this glorious country these days? I can't even get a greasy chicken sammich from Hardee's without some undertrained,poorly educated Jesse Jackson wannabe aggravating me? We can land a man on the moon,but we can't teach a 20 year old kid to be respectful to customers?

I speak clear English,assholes.I don't find it amusing when you scummy youngsters and your "yo yo,wazzup my shnizzle fo yizzle beyotch" bullshit try and poke fun at my accent.Most Southerners understand what I'm saying,and that's what matters.Some white kid who wishes he were "more ethnic",thinks it's cool to "diss" the regional dialect of those he lives among? That's bad business,and can lead to a severe whoopin'.I still love Hardee's,but for now,the next time I get a hankering for some quick chow,I'm gonna go to the
Waffle House instead.

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