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Monday, January 24, 2005

May G-d Damn All muslims

I have long hated islam and all those who follow it's filthy philosophy,but after reading this I desire their destruction even more.I'm sick of their bloodthirst in the name of "religious expression",I'm sick of their ugly bug-eyed faces crying into Western media cameras and claiming to be "victims",I'm sick of their grotesque stench when I am forced to stand in line behind them at various queues in my city.

All muslims are filth,and anyone who is foolish enough to try and befriend them,should do so at their own risk.The Armanious family did not deserve what was done to them,but no one of us should be surprised it happened.Islam is a religion of pure evil,and most Western minds cannot fathom how deep the vileness of it is.We have this weird,simplistic idea that somehow,we can "reason" with muslims,and make peace.That's a crock of shit.It'll never happen,because the very core of islam says "destroy all non-muslims".We all want to feel good about ourselves,whereas muslims are acting out of fear of eternal damnation in Hell.Does anyone honestly think that our hugs and kisses,will change the minds of brainwashed fanatics whose sole desire is to kill and die for their deity?

Wake up,my Western brothers and sisters.Wake up,and smell the charred bodies the Jihad is cooking.While all of you worry about lawyers,rights,laws,compassion,healing,and other sensitive shit..the muslims continue to butcher us and get away with it while manipulating our laws to their advantage.And guess what? They're winning.

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