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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Muslim cockroach slips between the cracks again

Well,that piece of shit muslim has screwed Uncle Sam yet again.The same sumbitch,Wassef Ali Hassoun,who was "kidnapped" last June in Iraq,only to turn up 3 weeks later in Lebanon,living it up with his vile family,has skipped out before his trial.Now,last June when his ugly face was plastered all over the news,the first words I said was "it's bullshit".I meant it then,I mean it now.That bastard was never kidnapped,he was in cahoots with his Jihad brothers.This is just a big ass scam,to see how far muslims in the U.S. Armed Forces,can get away with deception before getting called on it.

As it stands,America and most of the Western world,shits it's pants when faced with the prospect of enforcing rules and laws on minority peoples.Our own laws and freedoms are being used against us by our enemies,and quite efficiently,at that.We have become a nation of passive apologists,who are strong on the battlefield,but we cower like schoolgirls when someone calls us names or accuses us of "discrimination" or "oppression". Why? Why do we allow people like muslims,who,thousands of times,have said clearly "we will destroy all of you infidels when we get the chance".Why are we giving ANY of them,civil rights and respect?

This Hassoun asshole should have been executed as soon as we found him in Lebanon.But nooo..we gave him the benefit of the doubt,and flew his camel humping ass back here to get a fair trial and allow him to be heard.We screwed up yet again.The sad part is,if we catch him,he'll still be given a chance to defend himself in our liberal courts.This brings to mind the old saying;"Fool me once,shame on you..fool me twice,shame on me".I'm afraid we as a nation have to feel shame this time.This scumbag fooled us twice,and will do it again and again as long as he lives.

Personally,I see four possibilities as to what has happened to him:

1)- He is making or has made his way back to the Middle East,to fight against Western (including Israel) forces.

2)- He has joined up with a domestic terror cell here in America,or Canada.

3)- He has gone to Europe to assist his muslim brothers in their growing movement there.

4)- A good American has killed his worthless ass and no one has found his rotting corpse yet.

Personally,I'm rootin' for number 4.

This Hassoun bastard is not a Marine.No genuine Marine,Soldier,Sailor,Airman,or Coastguardsmen would betray their nation.Only half assed frauds and disgusting savages would ever do such a thing.This "man" may have been sworn in as a Marine,but it was not legitimate,as his heart was never truly loyal to the United States.If he is ever caught,I pray that the glorious Corps will erase any and all records or evidence that he ever existed.I also feel that the United States should consider the reality that no muslim can be fully trusted,and perhaps we should not be so quick to grant them entry into areas of military or national security.

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