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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Preserving Nationality is NOT "Racism"

This article in the Japan Times really got under my skin.Apparantly,non-Japanese businessmen are pissed off because there are some places in Japan where they aren't allowed to enter.What's the big deal? They are only keeping non-Japanese citizens out of these places,not any one "race".It's like here in America,I think America and her citizens should come first,and all other nations (regardless of race),should come second.How is this "racism"? The skin color,or hair texture,or the shape of the eyes should never exclude anyone from anything,but nationality should.What's so wrong about that? When I say "American",I am speaking of whites,blacks,Asians,Semites,Hispanics,and anyone who is a legal citizen of America.When I say "Americans first",that's just who I mean.I'm not saying "white's only" or "blacks only",cause that would be bullshit.When Japan says "Japanese only",they mean it as I do...citizens only.I am sure if there is a white or Latino citizen of Japan,they would be allowed in the "Japanese Only" places.

I'm not saying that genuine racism doesn't exist here and there among the Japanese people,but I think this particular matter is being blown way the hell out of proportion by Japan's left-wing lunatics,same as we have here.The bottom line is,anyone who enters a foreign nation,should,all in all,respect and adhere to the laws and customs of the land.In Japan's case,you take your shoes off when you enter many places,and your hat.Don't argue and get belligerent,just do it.Unless your sovereign and civil rights are being abused or threatened,don't make a mountain out of a molehill.

Incidentally,just because you enter a foreign nation,that in no way obligates the people of said nation to welcome you with open arms.I'm guilty of such behavior,and I'm not ashamed to say so.When I meet French,Egyptian,or people of any nation I consider an enemy,I don't insult or harm them,but I sure as hell ain't gonna welcome them or buy them a beer.It may put them off,but tough shit.Let them go back home and ponder why not all Americans care to kiss foreign ass.

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