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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Soviets Return

I've never really felt that the Soviet Union went away "officially",even when Europe and the world believed they did in 1991.They may have changed their flag,and allowed more than a dozen nations to become independant again,but the spirit of the Soviet Empire is rising again.

Part of that "spirit",is jumping in bed with anyone who will pay good cash for weapons,no matter who the client is.Not many people aside from myself see it this way,but mark my words;Communism will return to Russia before too much longer,and millions will goose step under the hammer and sickle once again.Selling weapons to muslim nations,is just one of the many unethical and foolish signs of this rebirth.

Oh well,maybe a few more Beslan's and Madrid's and Theo Van Gogh's will make all of Europe realize that any deals of any kind with any muslims,is suicide.Personally,I ain't gonna hold my breath in hopeful anticipation.

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