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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Space Warfare takes the next step

Well,it seems Uncle Sam's Air Force is finally getting back in the mood of the Reagan era,by the looks of this current plan.It's about time,too.It seems ever since The Great Communicator left office in '89,our military hasn't been as hard charging in developments as we used to.But now,after the passing of our Greatest President,it seems the USAF has once again set it's Eagle eyes on a whole new ballgame.

This is as it should be.We need to always stay 10 steps ahead of everyone else,if we wish to maintain our superiority.I ain't exactly thrilled with all the technology sharing we did throughout the 90s and up to now.It's bad enough when we have spies and traitors selling info to other nations,but when we willingly give it away,oy gevalt...why don't we just give a locked and loaded
.50 Desert Eagle to a monkey,and send him into a nursery school?

I think Frank J has an idea that the USAF should also consider looking into.With proper funding,this could be the ultimate weapon.

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