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Friday, January 28, 2005

Stupid Stupid Stupid

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has withdrawn Israeli forces from Gaza.For some reason,this once great military leader-turned-greedy politician thinks "peace" can be achieved with the "palestinians".Uh huh.And I have wet dreams about Ricky Martin and Richard Simmons.I dunno what brain disease this alter kocker is suffering from,or what unholy deal he made with Abbas,but I do know this--It will fail,and many more Israelis will die because of it.Abbas is just buying time (which with a smile and a handshake,is easy to do with our foolish Western leaders),until he can find a way to allow his "holy warriors" to butcher more civilians while making it look like Israel instigated it.

You damned fools go ahead and cheer this suicidal "peace plan" all you want,but I'm gonna curse you and your entire family for it when the first drop of innocent Israeli blood is spilled.This will happen very soon.Muslims can only go so long without killing an "infidel".If they didn't have their wives to beat every day and night,they would be killing far more often.

I'm bettin' 8 weeks won't pass before some "martyr" decides enough time has passed,and that allah needs to see more Jews killed for his pleasure.Abbas will look into the world media,and say.."oops,sorry 'bout that.It was not in my control.But hey,don't accuse me,or else I'll have to claim you are racist and anti-muslim,so you'll back down".

You weak-kneed pacifists and your eternal placation of villainy make me sick.

Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom understands this as well.

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