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Monday, January 03, 2005

This is the last straw

It's time to get down and dirty with those maple drinkin' Canucks.This Mad Cow Disease was deliberately created by the French,to screw with the Brits,then the Canucks got it to screw with us down here.It's deliberate and should be considered an attack against our nation.I recommend we round up a posse of Game Wardens,and send'em into Hollywood to capture and eartag Rosie O'Donnell and Michael Moore,and prepare them for transport to the Western White House down in Crawford.Once there,Bush and his cowhands could lock'em up in a special built barn,and begin breeding them,using cloning and genetic enhancements to speed things up.

In 2 or 3 years,they can breed and clone enough 'Rosmo' hybrids,to begin the slaughtering.After a few tons of Rosmo meat is packaged,we can politely begin distributing it to the fuc...I mean to our Canadian friends.In a few weeks time,we'll start to see those bobblehead looking hockey pucks start to swagger and babble incoherently and start calling each other "racist" and "fascist" and other socialist catchwords.

Those fruity peckerheads have had enough practice on us,so it'll be interesting to watch them start in on one another.It's just a thought,though.We could just express our disgust at them the old fashioned way.

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