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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Welcome Home,Brother

It's been just over 60 years since Pvt Odell Sharpe died defending our country and our allies from the Hun hordes of Europe,but he is finally coming home.May G-d rest his soul,and bring peace and closure to his family.There are still so many thousands of our men and women missing from many wars,but every one we can bring home is a mitzvah.There are over 78,000 missing from WW2,more than 4,000 missing from Vietnam,and I don't even know how many from Korea or WW1.That's a hell of a lot of precious American souls and bones who deserve much better,than to be stuck for eternity on the foreign soil of a heathen nation.We must never stop searching until as many as possible are brought home,and given proper burials of honor and recognition.

Thank you,Private Sharpe,for your service and sacrifice for our great nation.You did not die in vain,and you will not be forgotten.Shalom and welcome home,Odell.

Private Odell Sharpe-U.S. Army Posted by Hello

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