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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Why ain't I surprised?

I've been saying it for years,and I said it when that cocksmoking sandcricket Arafat took the Allah Express to Hell,that nothing is gonna change.You can't change the fucking nature of the beast.Muslims,of all stripes,are born to kill and destroy,it's all they know.Sure,you can dress them up in Western clothes,and teach them to walk upright,but I've seen monkeys do the same thing.Teaching monkeys to walk upright and wear decent clothes,isn't gonna stop them from slinging their own feces and hootin' and howlin' at everything.

Why the hell do we Westerners continue to think that we can have peace with Islam?It's a fucking pipedream,it'll never happen.For over 1400 years,civilizations across the planet have tried to tame these critters,and all attempts have failed.They don't understand the concept of negotiation as we do.These people are raised,live,and die with the fear of Hell and the hope of death in their minds.You have a better chance of wandering into the woods,and giving hugs and kisses to a mountain lion with safety,than to try and reason with Muslims,or their new Mahmoud Yabba Abbas Doo "leader".Even his name sounds like something a caveman like Fred Flintstone would holler while drunk.If the UN wants to try and tame Islam,then go right ahead,but leave the U.S. and Israel out of your suicidal plans.Personally,I have a better solution.

The only possibility of me changing my mind on this matter,lies in Irshad Manji and perhaps,Salman Rushdie.

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