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Friday, February 04, 2005

Chris Matthews Has More Hardmouth Than 'Hardball'

Well,that melonheaded,anti-American jibberjabberer Chris Matthews has once again,opened his flippant mouth and spewed venom from his forked tongue.This asshole shoulda learned his lesson last September when he damn near got an ass whooping from the greatly patriotic Senator Zell Miller.

Down around the middle of the Miller-Matthews interview,he mentions how Matthews ambushed "that young lady" and "that woman".That young lady,was none other than my favorite media journalist/blogger,Michelle Malkin.Not only did Matthews ambush and insult Michelle,he stole her book.That's theft,which (in my view of life) warrants an immediate ass whooping.

I have never liked Matthews or his "style" of journalism.He's one of those parasitic journalists,who feeds on his own ego and appearance more than he cares about truth and integrity.He ambushed Michelle Malkin and Senator Miller,not to find a "truth",but to make himself look better in the eyes of his disgusting left-wing allies and audience.

May G-d damn you,Chris Matthews.You do not deserve to be a Human being,you do not deserve to be a journalist,and you certainly do not deserve to be an American.

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