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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Dukes Of Hazzard

I'm startin' to get a little fired up in anticipation of Country Music Television bringing back the Dukes of Hazzard to television.I'm really looking forward to seeing Daisy shaking her hiney in those heart stopping,foot stomping tight tight tight shorts. (Hang on,I need a smoke and a cold shower)

It's also gonna be good to see ol' Cooter kicking the hell out of someone in the Boar's Nest,or watching Uncle Jesse dispense his experienced wisdom along with a talking down to.But I think my favorite scenes are watching Boss Hogg shuck and jive and push the boundaries of Capitalism.I always felt Boss was misunderstood.Those sheep shaggers,Bo and Luke,always irritated me the way they kept butting into his business affairs.It ain't no wonder those two rubes were piss poor broke all the time;they'd rather give away all their money instead of investing it or trying to make a better life for themselves.I admire their good hearts,don't get me wrong,but there is a fine line between generosity and stupidity.I'm surprised Cooter didn't kick the shit out of them a few times when they let their generosity wind up dragging him and his towtruck into their mess,and getting him tossed in the clanker.

It's gonna be good to see Roscoe and Enos again,too.I ain't looking forward much to see Cletus;he was kind of a dipshit.Roscoe was plain cool,and his beautiful Hound Flash was great.Enos was a good,G-d fearing and honest,loyal man,which is why I liked him so much.He read his Bible then read his Law Enforcement manual.That's truly a good man.Cletus was..well...ya know that fat,annoying homo in 'Boogie Nights' that forced a kiss onto Mark Wahlberg? That's what I think of when I think of Cletus. 'Nuff said.

But I can't forget Miss Tisdale or Lulu Hogg,or the General Lee.The show would be great,but extremely lacking,without those 3 characters.

1 Old Comments:

I hope in this updated fashion they use the new Dodge 2006 4 door Charger as the general lee with its potent v-6 and cab forward design!!
anyone who likes this new charger holla back at your boy! it's one fast and furious car and while it's alright for an american car it's not like my subaru wrx turbo but i still like this charger.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 00:52  

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