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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The "Enlightened,Tolerant,Loving,Compassionate,Open-Minded" Leftists Target Michelle Malkin Yet Again

I've said it a few times before on this blog,and I have said it more times than I can recall in real life to everyone I meet;The left wing followers are racists and bigots extraordinaire.

These grotesque "people" spend their days huffing paint cans,snorting powder,eating paint chips,smoking dope,and stroking themselves to the tunes of the vile anti-American Communists,John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix.And they have long tried to convince the rest of the sane population that they are "enlightened".

Enlightened.Really? Most refuse to wipe their asses properly,because toilet paper is a "western evil",so they walk around smelling like shit most of the time...this is "enlightened"? I forgot to mention those special mushrooms they gobble that they think enhances their "enlightenment".Yep,staggering around and vomiting in the street and performing fellatio on oneself is definately a "groovy" and "progressive" thing to do.Yeah,I really wanna be friends with people like this.Sure.

But alas,as with all things evil,the hatred cannot contain itself to urine soaked alleys or the semen drenched rooms of $8 motels any more.Now,they have a new way to express their wretchedness and evil,without actually coming face to face with their "enemy",which they know would result in a severe ass whooping;The internet.

Yes,the internet.The magical realm where 400 pound men have 12 inch penises and 300 pound women look like the head cheerleader in highschool.The place where "peaceful muslims" can exchange terror attack codes freely and openly in public chatrooms without fear of prosecution.The place where "loving" liberals and other political left wingers can express their true viewpoints,without fear of consequences or live television cameras.

Which brings me to the point of this post;liberals and their "open minds".

For decades,the far leftists have been hiding their communist identities behind the "mild" titles of 'liberal','progressive',enlightened','humanist','hippy',and yes,even "Democrat'.Now I sure as hell don't think all Democrats are commies,but the simple fact is that very few people who call themselves 'Democrat',are actually that.We have the great and honorable Zell Miller of Georgia,the former Representative Ben "Cooter" Jones,also of Georgia,the Orthodox Jew Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut,and George "Mr. Sulu" Takei of California.These men are genuine Democrats,as Dems were meant to be.Not radicals,not anti-American,not anything bad.

Unfortunately,the Democratic party has been hijacked by an evil force,so vile it's name is rarely even spoken because most Westerners cannot fathom it exists in our world;Communism.Yes,outright,in your face "distribution of all wealth" Communism.It's here in our borders,and has been for over 75 years.Sadly,this fact isn't acknowledged or taken seriously by modern 'regular' folks.They hear "Communism" and they think,"oh,that reminds me of the 1950s when Senator McCarthy rounded up those red devils and got rid of them all!".

Sorry to disappoint,folks,but it remains very much alive and thriving well in our great land.

It is these evil,vile,sadistic,barbaric bastards who have prompted me to make this post.They have spewed their evil racism and anti-Asian thoughts against my favorite journalist and blogger,Michelle Malkin,yet again.

These disgusting savages who attacked her,are Communists,socialists,and Marxists,nothing less.It's ok to have the freedom of speech,to be allowed to express your opinion,but how are these following comments "enlightened","loving","compassionate",or even "democratic"?;

What I want to really know is whether Malkin has the ability to suck the chrome off of a trailer hitch.
I mean, she's gotta have SOME kind of purposeful earthly use walking around on this planet, because she certainly doesn't have one that has anything to do with her intellect or her political views.

Why exactly does this large toothed educated female wog believe that she will be treated as white when God chose to make her yellow?
Even her political allies see her as nothing more than a trained monkey coached into saying a few simple racial truths that would be politically damaging if put into the mouths of a white man?

Her hatred for her fellow wogs comes from an inability to accept that God did not make her a European and that God chose to make her a woman.

Please, beat her severely and set her to work in a brothel somewhere in Malaysia that services Islamic terrorists.

There were other comments,you can find yourself following her links.I won't post them on here because I refuse to print such racist hatred on here.Michelle's strength is nothing less than admirable.Maybe I'm wrong for being more angry than she about this,but I can't help it.I am so sick of the "liberal" and "loving" left,lashing their racism out towards Michelle Malkin,Condi Rice,Colin Powell,and Alberto Gonzales.

The left should just come out and say what they mean;"We hate all non-whites,and we want these peoples to stay downtrodden and poor,while we use them to further our own selfish agendas.We enjoy blaming the Republicans and Libertarians of "racism",so it makes us sick when we see more "minorities" being advanced and prospering as members of those parties in numbers we leftists have never even come close to giving them".

To the leftists who spoke such disgusting vileness against Michelle,I hope you heathens contract a disease from your "open minded love making",and die in extreme pain.You better hope ya do,cause if I ever meet any of you sons of bitches face to face,I'll make you wish you had a gentle disease.I wouldn't give you the luxury of pain relievers,doctors,or "loved ones" to comfort you.You ugly,wretched,left wing pieces of shit.

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