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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Michael Jackson Likes Kosher Meat

Before he wrapped himself up in a child he named 'Blanket',and began fingering Llama's and crippled kids,Mikey seems to have had a hunger for kosher meat.Personally,I'd be questioning Feldman about his odd friendship with Corey Haim.Oh sure,they did a film with Nicole Eggert,which portrayed both Corey's as "regular guys",but I don't buy it.I don't think MJ bought it either.I think he wanted to have a bite of the Feldman frankfurter,to see what gen-yoo-wine kosher Hebrew beef was like.This is just personal speculation,of course.

Next we'll see Jackson adopt 2 new children,and name them 'Pillow' (which he likes to nibble/bite),and 'Sock',which will be his "special" one,that is kept in/under/near his bed for those restless nights. (Think of the Seinfeld episode 'The Contest')

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