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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

MoeBetta Facts About The French And Germans

1) German women abhore jelly,but toe jam they consider a delicacy.

2) The French hate 2% and low-fat cheese,but a mouthful of 8 day old ass cheese strengthens them to the point of almost releasing the grasp on their white flags

3) Whispering "je m'appelle" to a French chick will make her moan,but groaning "achtung Juden" will create an uncontrollable orgasm.

4) The French and Germans think soap and shampoo is "decadent".

5) French men are better cooks than French women,which adds to the confusion as to who actually should be wearing the pants in the family.

6) German women take pride in their hairy backs.

7) French Women take pride in their hairy armpits.

8) No one in the Western World takes pride in the Germans or the French.

9) The devastation of German cooking far preceded Oppenheimers development of the Atomic Bomb.If Uncle Sam had just airdropped weinerschnitzels and kartoffelsuppe over Hiroshima and Nagasaki instead of the A-bomb,we woulda won the war a helluva lot sooner.The Atomic Bomb ain't got nothing over the Atomic Shits.

10) Germans smell like pig fat and green eggs

11) The French smell like stale wine and bad welfare cheese.

12) Together,the French and Germans smell like chickenshit.

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