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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Poking,Stroking,and now Choking:Michael Jackson Keeps Getting Weirder

Well,Jacko has done gone and fingered crippled children,which we all knew.But now,this young boy who is testifying against Jackson,says he choked his chicken.

Now I don't wanna get no emails or comments telling me that I'm "twisting words" or none of that shit.I ain't twisting nothing.I am speaking the truth as I see and perceive it.We all know what child molestors do,and what I am saying,regardless of context,is accurate and truthful.If you disagree or are "offended",then I suggest you stick a .45 Colt in your piehole,and yank that trigger like you're peeling a ripe plum.

He's a fucking child molestor,and he should be killed as soon as possible.You pansy liberals and bleeding heart cheek-turners can snub me all you want...but I bet your ass and mine,if it was YOUR child or loved one who got diddled by this freak,you wouldn't hesitate to off his sorry ass.

Need I remind you of this asshole and his Jesus Juice ploy?

Michael Jackson is Peter Pansy.He achieved his "goal",just not as he planned to.

Or did he? Time will tell,I reckon.

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