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Monday, March 07, 2005

Right Wing News' Latest Interview With Michelle Malkin

John Hawkins of Right Wing News has an awesome interview (his second,so far),with my favorite blogger Michelle Malkin.This was a great interview,and I strongly suggest you read it all here.

My favorite part of the interview,is this:

John Hawkins: What's the biggest thing that you think critics of "In Defense of Internment" get wrong about the book? Also a related question, what's the thing those critics tend to get wrong about the Japanese internment?

Michelle Malkin: Some of my critics accuse me and my supporters, such as Daniel Pipes, of supporting internment of Arab-Americans and Muslim-Americans today. It's a complete misrepresentation of my position (and that of Pipes).

The threat we face today is serious, obviously, but it is fundamentally different from the threat we faced from Japan in late 1941 and early 1942. Remember, Stimson was worried about attacks on a specific geographic area: the West Coast. He wasn't worried about Japan attacking New York City or Washington DC. You can agree or disagree with what was done, but you can't deny the logic.

Let's consider the situation now. Islamic terrorists have targeted Los Angeles, Washington DC, and New York City and are capable of launching an attack on any city in between. The September 11 hijackers resided all over the country, from Florida to Arizona. They launched their attacks from several different airports. Forcing Muslims or Arab-Americans to live outside the West Coast or the East Coast or any particular geographic area would accomplish nothing.

My critics get many things wrong, but their biggest mistake is their almost religious belief that Roosevelt's policies were solely or primarily a product of racism and wartime hysteria. I don't think any fair-minded person who has read the MAGIC messages and intelligence memos of the day can come to that conclusion.

She nails it right on the head,folks.My own people (Germans) were locked up,as were Japanese civilians during WW2,and rightfully so.No,not *all* German and Japanese citizens were disloyal,but some were,and Uncle Sam couldn't figure out who was who.So,all get locked up while we are at war with their nations of origin.It's perfectly logical to me.I'd rather have a few "ethnics" pissed off and upset,than have even one of my countrymen killed because we cared more about the "feelings" and "rights" of a few,and ignored the need of the many.

No matter how you wanna view it,the fact remains that there will always be some folks,of some race/religion/ethnicity/nationality who move here,and become an American,but still have more loyalty to their home country than they do to Uncle Sam.And because of this,we must never hesitate to grab as many of them as we can,and lock them up until the war is over,and make sure they aren't trying to undermine us from within.I say Michelle Malkin is 100% right in suggesting this now.We should lock up as many muslims as we can within our borders.These people,have proven time and time again,they are liars,cheats,crooks,rapists,and all around no good sumbitches.It won't break my heart to slap their bloodthirsty asses behind bars.

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