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Monday, March 21, 2005

Terri Schiavo's Battle For Life

Praise be to G-d,and a helluva lot of thanks and gratitude to Representative Tom DeLay and the United States Congress,and President G.W. Bush.Thanks to quick action,these fine people (Republicans and Democrats alike) have managed to save Terri Schiavo from being murdered (for now) by the "enlightened" liberals.How long they can be stopped from taking away Terri's life,is still in the air.

I have to admit,that until the past few months,I hadn't given this matter much thought or attention.Not because I didn't care,but because I never thought that anyone in the U.S. Judicial system or government,would go so far as to seek out "loopholes" and other ways to murder this woman.

I forgot how destructive and bloodthirsty liberals are.I failed to remember how they always talk about "respect of life",but they are the ones who jump eagerly at every chance to rip an unborn child from the womb,tear it limb from limb and scramble it's brains,then toss it's mangled corpse in a garbage bag like a stale sandwich.I forgot how they proudly go on television,raise their megaphones,and declare that killing unwanted babies is a "woman's choice" and a "right".

I forgot how the liberals foam at the mouth in rage when a convicted murderer is sentenced to die,but how they squeal with glee when a savage killer/rapist/molestor/terrorist beats the system,and is set free.

I won't forget ever again.

The liberals have shown just how low they are willing to stoop to achieve their sinister goals,too.They have taken the debate from what is truly best for Terri,and have opted to starve her to death just to spite the religious among us.Religious Jews and Christians (among other groups),unanimously agree that Terri deserves every possible fighting chance to live.Because we feel this way,the liberals want to make her into a "sacrificial lamb",to spite the Faithful and take an extra stab at those among us who have more care and trust in Almighty G-d,than we do in the A.C.L.U.

Speaking of the A.C.L.U,where are they now? I haven't heard a damned peep out of those knee-jerk pansies.Everyday,they are out defending murderers,rapists,child molestors,flag burners,military deserters,terrorists,protestors,and the whole plethora of Human filth...but where are they for Terri Schiavo? Not just them,but where is the National Organization for Women? Where is N.O.W.? Is Terri not a woman in need?

The left wing groups and adherants have made themselves clear.They care more about secular and political bickering,than they do about life. (Unless of course,the life is a savage killer or an endangered stinkweed or tree moss)

Jewish World Review has an article here about Terri and the whole matter.

You should also visit Terri's official website.

My thoughts of all of this,can be summed up quickly.Terri Schiavo is alive,and the possibility does exist that she could make a recovery one day.She may never recover,but so long as even the slightest possibility exists,we must give her every chance.

To abandon her and her family now,would not only be a terrible injustice and insult to Terri and her family,but to the Spirit of Hope that embodies America and all her people.

To abandon all hope and faith completely,would be an insult to G-d.

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