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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Communist ACLU Hippies Attack American Patriots and Uncle Sam's Laws

Via Michelle Malkin and the South East Arizona Republican Club,comes this story.It's not much of a surprise,really,except that it isn't being mentioned or discussed much by the MSM.(Then again,the MSM never covers the story when it's liberals in the wrong)

Apparantly,the filthy vermin at the ACLU,decided to send a goonsquad down to Arizona,to harass the Minuteman Project volunteers,and help illegals sneak across the border.Now as I have said for a long time,the leftists,who always speak of "peace" and "love" and "tolerant compassion",are the most aggressive and violent critters on the earth.They are everything they claim to be against,and this latest example is just further proof.Besides physically attacking and provoking the Minutemen,they are also smoking dope while "doing their duty".Yeah,real nice bunch of folks,ain't they?

The ACLU is getting desperate to get something on the Minutemen and are trying to provoke incidents now. They pushed one of the Minutemen the other night trying to get him to push back. Didn’t work. Then last night they walked up and shined a spotlight right in a Minuteman’s face from six inches or so away. Didn’t work that time either. We immediately report these types of contacts with them to the Sheriff to counter any claims they try to make against us. They should be called the UCLU (Un-American Civil Lawsuit Union)

These liberal animals are digging their own graves everytime they do this.I hope that every good American everywhere,will beat the ever loving crap out of every liberal you encounter.Don't worry about their "rights"..as far as I am concerned,they have none.Beat these grotesque and vile sub-humans with every ounce of muscle you have.When they scream for mercy,you hit them even harder.Drive the message home to their underdeveloped peabrains.



2 Old Comments:

Typical of the ACLU and the rest of the left wing communist cocksuckers, claiming to care about American, then doing everything in their power to destroy it. Harrassing the fine people volunteering to protect our beautiful country, then smugly lighting up a joint, it sickens me to the core. Very "compassionate", they are too, they will always be the first to rush up, hug you and pat you on the back...just to mark the spot where they will plunge in the knife. When they do shit like this they are sticking their commie knives into the heart of America. I think we should grab every treacherous liberal we see, stomp mudholes in their asses and walk them dry.

By Anonymous Bekk, at 23:41  

This is true,Bekk.These vile heathens strut all across this land,spewing venom and wagging fingers...but what do they actually do? They claim to "care" about this and that,but all I see,is them fouling things up more than they were to begin with.For centuries,the only thing the liberals and "free thinkers" have accomplished,is making life more aggravating for all involved.

By Blogger Moe, at 03:00  

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