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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Cowardly Europeans And Their Dutch Lapdogs

Europeans are chickenshit cowards by nature.Every American knows that.But just how deep does their yellow streak run? Well,judging by the inactions of the Dutch citizenry last winter during the daylight murder of Theo Van Gogh,pretty damned deep.I spoke to a Dutchman early last month,about this.His explanation,was that the police and government are the supreme powers,and it's their duty to solve all problems.The citizens,according to him,should flee like cockroaches from sunlight.It is more of a crime for a citizen to assist a person in need,than it is for the criminal carrying out the crime.

This is strange logic to me.I was born and raised around brave and courageous people.I don't think I've ever met a real coward face to face.The very idea of relying on the police,when the citizen is fully capable of stepping in,is completely insane.If you see a person in trouble,you help them.It doesn't matter what the situation is,you help.You don't sit on your ass,and ask the government for help..you get your ass in there,and help.Why is it that Europeans don't understand this? Since the collapse of all their "empires",have they truly become so soft and weak? I am afraid so.

So often,I hear Europeans (namely,the Dutch and French),boasting about their long-gone empires,as though it's supposed to impress me.You wanna impress me,Dutchie? Then show me your empire,don't tell me tales about it.Their pathetic socialist and secular crap has stripped them of their former glory,and now it strips them of their very souls..but their arrogance refuses to allow them to accept or admit it.

The cowardly Europeans tremble at the sight of their own shadows now,so it is no wonder the muslim hordes will continue to invade the continent,and change it into a Dhimmi land.The Europeans allowed themselves to be disarmed,then they adopted a pacifist belief system.They were begging to be conquered,and now it has happened,even though they deny it.Well,maybe a few more Theo Van Gogh's will make you jummie eatin' heathens open your dim eyes.


You filthy Eurotrash can sit on your malnourished asses,and watch your "proud" lands crumble under the foot of allah,but I won't.I love America too much,and I love my countrymen too much,to allow some foreign filth to flood our borders,and drive us into extinction.

I must confess,I do owe the French some eternal gratitude and thanks.One,is for helping us in our Revolutionary War.Thank you,France,I truly appreciate it,and I won't forget it,nor will any true American.The other thanks,is for the beautiful Statue of Liberty,which has stood proudly in NY Harbor for over a century.Thank you,France.I love that beautiful lady,and I truly am eternally grateful to you for giving her to us.But we have a problem now..the muslims hate her,and want to change her.I don't want that to happen,and I won't let it happen.But all of us Westerners;Americans,Canadians,Frenchmen,Britons,Spaniards, Germans,Icelanders,Finns,Swedes,Norsemen,and all great peoples..must stand together against the vile wretches,and not let them infect our lands,as they have done to so many others.

Do you really want to see Lady Liberty,living under Dhimmi laws?




2 Old Comments:

That's the socialist way, they've relied on others to take care of them for far too long, not only their precious govornment, but America. They love to bring up their economy, but a very wise and dear friend of mine pointed out that it's our foreign aide that helps keep their economy going. The lazy, cowardly bastards lay around all day, collecting their welfare and getting high on our dime, then spit in our faces every chance they get.

They claim that they are "progressive" and that they really "care" about the world. The death of this man just goes to show you how "caring" their way is, to let a man be murdered right before their eyes and all they cared to do was look in the other direction. If that is their idea of "progress", they can keep it because I want no part of it.

By Anonymous Bekk, at 04:22  


By Blogger Moe, at 20:14  

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