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Monday, April 04, 2005

Damned Bolshevik Socialist Scumbags

I've about had it up to my pretty green eyes with these lame ass,sniveling hatemongers who are spewing their vile venom towards Terri Schiavo and Pope John Paul II.These liberal cocksuckers are all over the internet,bashing and degrading these two recently departed souls.They then try and cover up their vileness by using circular logic to explain why it's better Terri was killed,and why the Pope wasn't as good a man as people think.

Well,screw you assholes!

Terri Schiavo was an innocent woman.She committed no wrongs upon anyone.She killed no one,she molested no one,she raped no one,she never betrayed her faith or her country.But yet,you wanted her dead? Why don't you pansy liberal fags want Michael Schiavo dead? He's the one that cheated on her and abandoned the poor woman.He stopped her therapy and "moved on" with his life...you like that,don't ya? That's just like a damned liberal.Give up on the one you claim to "love",and go find someone else to get a piece of ass from.Selfish bastards,all of you!

And for all the Pope bashers,allow me to give you grotesque wretches an extra heaping helping of FUCK YOU! You G-dless,filthy,nasty vermin have the audacity to dare slander this man? I hear all your bullshit.."he said gays were diseased"..waaah waah boo hoo..."he said condoms wouldn't stop AIDS"..ohhh nooo....waaaaah! Did any of you "enlightened" shit for brains ever bother to stop and consider that he was right? You don't have to be religious to see that homosexuality is definately not normal.If fags aren't diseased in the body,they are definately diseased and handicapped in the head.The natural instinct of Humans,is to procreate.That's a driving force in all of us.The ones who would rather screw their own gender and not make babies,is deliberately trying to go against nature.I don't believe queers are queer by nature.They are faggots because they choose to be.They are like Vegans and pacifists..they deliberately try and go against what they are.We are carnivores and we are fighters.This is what we all are as a species,and if you can't handle this fact,I suggest you just kill yourself now.We don't need or want your kind in this world.You are grotesque,mean,evil,and your feet stink.

And as far as "condoms don't prevent AIDS"...well,no shit Sherlock.They don't.They don't prevent any disease.Condoms add some protection,but they aren't a guarantee.The only guarantee to avoid getting a disease,is don't act on your carnal impulses.If you can't control your libido,and you just gotta get laid and "feel good",then you have no one to blame but yourself.You are a weak willed spineless heathen,and you deserve to get a disease and die.

So far,I have only seen the worst of the worst of Humanity saying bad things about Terri Schiavo and his Holiness,John Paul II.It's the usual pack of pussies...the liberals,the socialists,the communists,the "free thinkers",the French and the Dutch.

John Paul and Terri are in the Kingdom of G-d,where they so richly deserve to be.There is a lot more I could say about the Pope,of blessed memory,but anyone who has even an iota of intelligence already knows the great things he did.And as for Terri,I only wish she hadn't married such a piece of pondscum like Michael Schiavo.Like a liberal,he doesn't take oaths and commitments seriously.He only cares about "feeling good".

Selfish prick.

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