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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Elderly Gun Owner Arrested For Defending Himself

This is one of those stories that amuses and angers ya at the same time.Up in Wisconsin,there was this 20 year old punk who thought he was The Fonz,or some silly shit,and had his "entourage" of followers,three 16 year olds and one 13 year old with him.Anywho,this 20 year old piece of shit,likely trying to impress the children with his "toughness",tried to harass a 64 year old man from Arkansas.Well,thankfully,the old man was packing iron (as all Americans should),and shot the little bastard in the head.

Kendell L. Moss, 20, of Racine died early Sunday, allegedly after trying to rob a 64-year-old man from Arkansas who had stopped at the gas station to ask directions, records show. After being punched and kicked, the man pulled a .44-caliber revolver from under the driver's seat of his car and shot Moss in the head, according to police reports.

I'm amused to see a punk get killed,but I am angered that the old man was arrested.Why arrest him? The other little punks even admitted they started the trouble,so why is the matter being pursued? It's simple..bad guy harasses good guy..good guy kills bad guy..bad guy's cohorts confess...case closed.

But nooo.In this pansy,sissified sensitive society,every little thing has to be dragged out and good men ruined.If the old man hadn't shot the punk,he himself would probably be dead now,and the 20 year old would have escaped.The old man did the right thing.Plus,he went inside the gas station to wait for the cops,so it's not like he fled the scene in guilt.Besides,the other little snotnoses were heard trying to get ahold of a weapon to kill the old man afterwards.

So you see,the little bastards are evil at the core and should be locked up until they are old enough to be executed by the state.The old man should be commended for having the good sense to carry a weapon,and use it to stop criminals,no matter how "innocent" society may view them as.

Do these sound like the words of an "innocent youth"?:

That same juvenile called 911 on his cell phone and then ran to another young man in the area who had witnessed the incident and yelled, "Hey, Hey! You got a cannon so I can air him out?"

Only a street hardened heathen talks like that.He likely committed crimes before.They all are guilty in my opinion.

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