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Sunday, April 24, 2005


I finally found what I've been looking for. (Eat my dust,Bono!)

A few months ago,I was watching some TV show or movie which took place in California,and Los Angeles specifically.Well,in this one scene,as the characters were driving down the road,I saw this fast food joint,and I immediately recognized it as a Hardee's,except that California doesn't have Hardee's.It's mostly a southern and midwest chain.But I knew I wasn't imagining things.The brief image I saw of it,was too clearly a Hardee's color scheme and style for it to not be.But I couldn't figure it out

For about 3 months now,I've asked several Californians about it,and I described the colors and little star,but no one knew what I was talking about.I almost started to think I really hadn't seen it.But this afternoon,while watching Empire Strikes Back and just clicking around the blogs,I decided to check out Hardee's website.Just before I left the site,I noticed in the lower left corner (the area that no one ever reads),a little icon for CKE restaurants.So I clicked it,and ahh HA! There was my "phantom" fast food joint which eluded me for so long.

It's called Carl's Jr.

I know this seems silly to blog about,but I'm rather relieved and content now.It was really grating on me not being able to figure out what the place was.Now I'm happy,and next time I get out to the west coast,I'll definately have to swing by one of those joints.Hardee's is great,so Carl Jr's should be too.A spicy chicken sammich,biggie fries and a ice cold sweet tea. Mmmmm,that's livin'. :)

4 Old Comments:

FYI -carl's jr doesnt serve the giant mega-burger for which hardee's has received national infamy, and you will have to sweeten your own iced tea.

By Blogger LorE Denizen, at 17:59  

Ahh,thanks kindly for that clarification. :)

I kinda thought out west the tea would come sweet.I know in the midwest and northeast,it doesn't.Hmm..I guess a west coast trip will have me taking a couple bags of sugar.Someone should lobby Congress,and have'em pass a law that says sweet tea must be available in all eateries in all 50 states.Like handicap access. ;)

By Blogger Moe, at 18:15  

dude...my ex from california. we had this discussion at one point. she always said carls jr had famous star burgers or something, which hardees didn have exactly...and chicken stars which hardees doesnt have. hardees is way expensive. i eat there every so often tho. good stuff...

By Blogger Joshua, at 04:33  

I'm not familiar with star burgers or chicken stars.That must be a local name for them in the region.

And aye,Josh,Hardee's can get expensive,sorta..this new mega burger they have,I don't doubt it's pricey.$6 or so,I think it is.As I don't eat pork,I've not considered it.When I go there,I know what my cost will be,since I get the same thing everytime.Just a spicy chicken sammich,biggie fries,and a tea.(Sometimes,though,I splurge and get a milkshake) ;)

By Blogger Moe, at 03:53  

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