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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Habemus Papam

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger has been elected as the new Pope,and has taken the name of Benedict XVI.Since the death of the beloved John Paul II,many people of all faiths have been anxious to learn who the next will be.We now know,and it seems most folks are pleased,including myself.

Cardinal Ratzinger has been run through the worrywart mill lately,because of his membership in the Hitler Youth beginning in 1941.This is irrelevent to me,as he was forced to join,and was able to eventually be released of service to the organization.He is not a nazi or a nazi sympathizer,nor has he ever been.The people who are whining about that,are the same fools who went crazy prior to the release of 'The Passion of the Christ'.A bunch of secular (non-religious) Jews,who sound the alarm about everything from A-Z,when they themselves don't really give a damn one way or another.Like a friend of mine says,"they just like to bark to hear their heads rattle".

Ratzinger made a statement in 2000,which earned my confidence in him:

"I think we could say that two things are essential to Israel's faith. The first is the Torah, commitment to God's will, and thus the establishment of his dominion, his kingdom, in this world. The second is the prospect of hope, the expectation of the Messiah – the expectation, indeed the certainty, that God himself will enter into this history and create justice, which we can only approximate very imperfectly. The three dimensions of time are thus connected: obedience to God's will bears on an already spoken word that now exists in history and at each new moment has to be made present again in obedience. This obedience, which makes present a bit of God's justice in time, is oriented toward a future when God will gather up the fragments of time and usher them as a whole into his justice."

G-d Bless Pope Benedict XVI,and may he fulfill his duties to G-d,and Mankind.I know he will.

Pope Benedict XVI

2 Old Comments:

I am also very happy that Cardinal Ratzinger is the new Pope. He is said to be very conservative, I expect he will continue on in the same path of Pope John Paul II keep bringing back the traditional values that some of the modern Catholics try to ignore.

People are making too much of his being part of the Hitler Youth, they conveniently forget that it was manditory. He had no choice and he was only a boy at the time. If anything, living through that has made him more aware of how badly Jews have been treated and better equipped to bridge the gap between faiths.

Everyone with strong faith and a true belief in G-d should rejoice today, we have a new Pope and he looks like he is going to be a good one.

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