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Thursday, April 28, 2005

I'm Too Tired

I had a good day today (and I'll run my yapper about it tomorrow),but I'm too tired right now,to say much of anything.But lucky for y'all,I know folks who will fill your hunger for funny!

Basil,moehawk and Dane Bramage give their take on the latest world headlines.

moehawk also shows why it's never a good idea to bob for apples with strangers.

Cousin Red makes me pray in thanks,that I never participated in redneck Twister.

5 Old Comments:

well, i'm a conservative, but i'm from California, so don't take it the wrong way when i say "Dude! I Dig the new banner!"

that just means i'm jealous.

By Blogger moehawk, at 05:48  

Hehe..Thanks man! I wish I could take the credit,but I can't.One of my hard working,very underpaid staff members has been working all night/morning to shape my blog into what I wanted it to be.

There's a few more things I want,but I see she's holding up a picket sign,and calling the ACLU on me...uh oh.

By Blogger Moe, at 06:14  

that's ok. you have been tagged with the "Turd in a Punchbowl" meme.

see my site for the details....heh!

By Blogger moehawk, at 06:24  

oh yeah! qvit yer kvetching! (sorry if i kspelled it wrong, i'm here for the funny. not for the lessons in Yiddish spelling, grammer or punctuation).

however, if you have any insights about how my funny could be improved, or if you want to teach me the finer points of Jewish humor (many Mel Brooks films have i seen, young blogger)feel free to tell me.

i like to be able to offend everyone in a non- offensive way...

or just offensive enough that i won't have to worry about anyone kicking down my door...

once again, /rambling.

By Blogger moehawk, at 07:02  

I added you to my Blogroll. Congrats on the Flippery Fish thing! Consume. Assimilate. Grow.

By Blogger Dane Bramage, at 08:46  

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