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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Junior Likes To Upset Me

I wish to hell I knew what is up with Dale Earnhardt Jr this season.I talked him up good,and got all uppity with fans of other drivers,claiming that this year Junior was gonna take the Championship.And what does he go and do? Makes me into a liar,and has me sucking eggs.

He's my main man,but by G-d,he needs to poop or get off the pot.He's the best driver out there,and he needs to start acting like it.These dang Martin,Jarrett and Kahne fans are jumping all over me,making me feel bad.Going into Texas today,he's 16th in the points standings.Luckily,he always done pretty good at Texas,so he has a good shot at climbing a fair bit up the ladder today.But,he's starting in 11th position,right beside Tony Stewart,who is 10th.That's gonna be interesting.

Ah well,I take some comfort in knowing that Mike Waltrip is still there,should he stumble.He better not. ;)

Dale Earnhardt Jr

Update: 17:20--Greg Biffle won it.Mikey finished 6th and Junior trotted in at 9th.

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