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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Let's go visit France!

Ahhh,France! The land of stinky cheese,hairy women,and toilets that clean themselves more often than the citizens.We Americans have been there a bunch of times,ya know.We took our first trip there in late 1917,and had to make the Germans stop teasing the French and making them cry.

The second time we stopped in to say hello in 1941.The Germans were teasing the French again,and really scaring them and making them cry that time.It was sad.As soon as Hitler started up his tanks in Berlin,Vichy raised a giant white flag above the Eiffel Tower in Paris.They rolled over faster than a $3 whore on discount night.

Ya know,Frenchies,ya don't have to get your asses invaded and kicked to get us to visit your country.Just advertise with the Tourism Department.It'd be much easier for everyone involved. :)


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