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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Me Want Dairy Queen Soft Serve

Mmmmmm,I'm sitting here thinking about ice cream.Weird,huh? I don't eat ice cream or chocolate bars but maybe once or twice a year.You'd be amazed how delicious and what a treat those food stuffs are if you don't have them often.That's why I do it.I deprive myself of it,so I can appreciate it all the more when I do indulge.What's that old saying..."absence makes the heart grow fonder"?...it's true.

Growing up,my favorite ice cream was Dairy Queen.I,and I am sure most Americans,will contend that they have the best soft serve ice cream in the entire country.Nowadays they have all these fancy new concoctions and other food,but all I care about is the plain old original vanilla soft serve.Truly a little bit of Heaven.And no,I don't like French Vanilla.Not for ice cream,or in my coffee.


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