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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

MoeBetta Facts About The Dutch

1) The Dutch refer to their land as the "Nether Regions".

2) The average Dutchman spends 35 hours a week on labor strike.

3) The average Dutchman spends 15 hours a week standing in line for a welfare check.

4) The average Dutchman spends 5 hours a week having gay sex in a field of tulips,and another 10 hours bragging about it in his local bolshevik coffee house.

5) The Dutch are the only people on earth who make the French look tough.

6) The main difference between the Dutch and the French is soap.

7) The Dutch are infamous for their open minds and blind eyes.

8) The sexual technique of Dutchmen is much like their daily lives; They lay on their skinny,mollycoddled asses and let everyone else do all the work.

9) The national motto of Holland is "If you thought the French were chickenshit,wait'll you see us in action!"

10) The second national motto of Holland is "Why fight when you can appease?"

11) The Dutch love to boast about their historically strong economy.They mention it more often than John Kerry reminds everyone he served in Vietnam.What they fail to mention is that they spent most of that wealth paying off real countries not to come in and kick their sorry asses.

12) The Dutch are notoriously stingy and selfish.Hence the term "Dutch Treat".Making a woman pay for her own meal,then expecting something in return.And folks have the nerve to call Jews greedy?

13) Adolph Hitler "double Dutched" Holland in WW2.He took their placation bribe,and still invaded them.

14) The proudest moment for the Dutch,is when they bought Manhattan Island for $28 from the Indians.What they never mention,is how they traded Manhattan to the British,in exchange for Suriname.Yeah,really good business move,you tulip sniffing sissies.

15) The original purpose of the Dutch windmills was to have an eyecatching way to hang multiple white flags for invading German armies.Though today,they claim this is not so.

16) The Dutch pride themselves on their liberal view on all matters.They are especially proud about killing unborn babies (so that the mother can continue wildly fornicating without a burden),euthanizing the elderly,crippled,and infirmed (so they won't be a burden to the rest of society as they get high and fornicate like wild animals),and funneling money to various islamic terror groups,in the hopes they will kill more Jews and Christians.That's progressive and enlightened!

17) Holland will be an islamic nation within 80 years,and the Dutch don't even care.

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