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Saturday, April 30, 2005

MoeBetta Headlines 04/30/05

Chris Tucker in Jacko's Mess

Scatologists across the globe applaud Tucker's new lifestyle

Therapeutic Cloning Spurs Battle in Missouri

Jedi Council declines to get involved,citing last little SNAFU on Geonosis

'Soup Nazi' to Launch Takeout Chain

New company slogan: "Achtung Juden! No Soup For You!"

Mexican TV Actress Dies After Seeing Gun

NRA making plans for march on Hollywood

Zebra Gives Birth to Foal Sired by Donkey

On an unrelated note; Happy belated birthday to Chelsea Clinton!

Genetic Mingling Mixes Human, Animal Cells

Sheep farmers decline to comment

Hard Rock Making Inroads in Nashville

Little Rock making inbreeds in Arkansas

DNA Reopens 32-Year-Old Serial Rapist Case

Cap'n Crunch continues to deny allegations

Guerrilla Art Group Mocks Exclusive Enclaves

Demands that Frank J cease his rabid anti-monkey stance,and make IMAO accessible to all primates

Gorilla Gossip Scotched by Reappearance

Glenlivet sales skyrocket

Putin Bar a Tribute to Russian Leader

Boris Yeltsin said to feel extemely dejected

Ga. Woman Found, Reportedly Got Cold Feet

Never thought to buy socks

N.J. Beach Town Repeals 30-Year Speedo Ban

Tourism expected to decline by 70%

Official Says Bolton Flouted Travel Rules

Refused to put tray in upright position before landing

Don't forget to check out headlines from moehawk and Basil! They got some dang good stuff going on over yonder!

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