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Friday, April 22, 2005

NO SOUP FOR YOU! (Well,ok,maybe just a little)

I was reading this article on CNN earlier today,and it says Al Yeganeh is planning to expand his famous soup business to the masses.What's that? You don't know who Al Yaganeh is? Well,don't feel bad.I doubt many do.He owns a little soup kitchen in Manhattan,which was the inspiration for the famous (and one of my favorites) episode of Seinfeld,titled The Soup Nazi.

Mr. Yeganeh wants to expand his famous soup out into other chains and grocery stores.I,for one,look forward to it.I've never been to NYC,and ain't sure when I will get a chance to visit.There's lots of places up yonder I'd love to visit,like the Carnegie Deli,Tavern on the Green,and Katz's Deli.But since i have such a low tolerance for liberals,commies,and heathens,it's likely to be awhile before I do visit.

So,until then,I'll just enjoy my daily southern foods,and the occasional Nathan's hot dog to give me the "New York experience".

Best wishes to Al Yeganeh,and may his business expansion be successful and prosperous.And if not,then..well..you know.

soup nazi

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