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Monday, April 25, 2005

Oy,What A Day

This has been a weird (though not bad) day.I woke up a tad late this morning,to the sounds of power drills,hammering,and hedgeclippers.So,I cursed a bit,flicked the grungy sleep turds out my eyes,and went into the living room and had my morning smoke and glass of milk.I took one of those naproxen sodium (I think) tablets,to ease my backache,and forget it makes me kinda drowsy.So I eased back on the sofa,clicked on the boob tube and watched a little ST DS9,before finally watching 'Mysteries of the Deep' on the National Geographic Channel.

I start nodding in and out as it plays,then the next show comes on,and it's about the Da Vinci Code (all religious stuff interests me),so I wake up enough to watch a bit,before dozing off again.It was more of that weird state between awake and asleep.All the while,I still hear the sounds of powerdrills,hedgeclippers,etc,and my dog starts barking and making a ruckus.I manage to stay in the zone between awake/asleep for awhile,until I hear a voice say.."Wake up,you lazy Gringo! We have work to do,muchacho!"

Yep,it was my best buddy,Jay (AKA-El Bastardo) tromping around my living room like an ornery cowboy on a 500 mile drive.

So,after a few bones cracked,and some gas passed,I managed to haul my carcass off the couch,and get into my street britches.I mosied on outside,and lo and behold,what did he have waitin' for me? It was an $8 cigar,handwrapped by gen-yoo-wine foreigners! I was stunned,and impressed.I always thought White Owl was high class,but I learned better today!

So we stood in the garage a bit,and puffed on the foreign stogies,and ruminated about life,death,taxes and why Pauly Shore and Ashton Kutcher ain't had their asses whooped yet.

Finally,he says let's head on up to Food Lion and get some stuff.So we head on up the road (it ain't but 3 miles,if even that),and start to head in.Before he closes the door,he puts on this pretty danged cool western style straw hat.I've never seen him wear a brimmed hate before.In the 14 years we've been friends,I have never seen him in anything but a ballcap,so this was a new thing to me.So he puts it on,and I tip and adjust my cap,and on in we go.

When we walk in,he heads to the immediate right,and into the restroom.I stood there looking,thinking to myself,"a public restroom..in a grocery store?" I've never seen that before.I have never been in a grocery store that had a public restroom.But too,I haven't been in a grocery store in a long time.Any shopping I do,is at smaller mom n' pop stores.And what's more,they had 2 water fountains too.It was wild.It reminded me a lot of my first time in a Harris Teeter many years ago,but even they didn't have a restroom or water fountain.

So,when he comes out,we start heading on towards the back to the deli.I could smell the fried chicken way before we got there.While I was busy running around drooling and pressing my face up against all the display cases,he went and bought us each a pack of fried chicken tenders and 'tater wedges! (Thanks brother!)

So,after we left the deli section we wandered around for various things he needed.I was just perusing the frozen food case,meat section,and the snack foods.(Did you know they make pizza flavored potato chips now?!) Wow! I felt like a kid again! (Or at least like a foreigner in America for the first time).I was really surprised at all the new kinds of foodstuffs that have come out since I last was in a grocery store.I'm not a hick,mind you,but I just don't spend much time in,nor do I care for much,the modern public world.I like to live modestly,and without being burdened with accessories and such,like phones,mail,and indoor plumbing. (Well,ok,that's not true..I do have a bidet in my outhouse) ;)

So anyhoo,we wander around awhile more,and finally head for the checkout.Jay got rung up first,then he slipped me a Food Lion MVP card to help me get a discount (on top of the two 50 cents off coupons I had already for Pall Malls).It really helped,too.The last couple days have seen local tobacco prices shoot up to more than a dollar extra.I can't afford it,so I no longer shy away from using coupons and discount cards.

Then we went to the liquor store,and back here.After we got set up at my shop,the car we were gonna work on,wouldn't start,and due to terrain,we couldn't push it into the shop.We figured it was just out of gas,and we could just run to the local gas station and get some.So,I went get my granddads truck.I walked back up to the house,went to start the truck...nada.No electrical power at all.I looked down,and saw the light switch in the "on" position.Oh boy...someone left the lights on and croaked the battery.So,I wandered back down to the shop,to tell him what happened,and suggest we use my granddads Buick to jump start the truck...cool.We got it started,and decided to go get some gas for the other car,in hopes that was the problem of it not starting.

We reminded each other,that due to the weak battery in the truck,not to shut it off when we reach the gas station.So,off we went.We got to the station,wheeled up at the pumps (and just intended to run inside,buy a little gas can and get a gallon or two to take back).We're yapping as we stop at the pumps (Jay was driving),and he turns the engine off (It's such a habit,I would have done it too).

I yelled "Nooooo!!" Too late.He tried to restart it...nothing.Ugh.There we sit,in rush hour,at the gas pumps,with traffic building up all around us,and no juice.After we gave each other various dirty looks of "you dirty rat" and "it ain't my fault,and if you blame me,I'll tear out your liver and eat it raw",he hopped on his cell phone to call a friend who lives just down the road.His friend was gonna come give us a jump,but then a fella wheeled up,with a lawnmower on his trailer.Well,it was obvious he wanted gas for his mower,and we were very much in the way.So I hopped out,and asked if he could give us a jump.Like a good southerner,he said "sure!".So,after a about 15 minutes of frustration and anxiousness (knowing damn well we were the ones at fault),we finally got on our merry way back to the house,and got at least a little work done on the car.

And anyone who wonders why we didn't just put the truck in neutral and roll it out of the way...don't ask.I don't have an answer.

That was my day.How was y'alls? ;)

BTW: It turns out the fuel pump on the car was busted,so the extra gas was for naught.We wound up pushing it into the shop with the truck.

3 Old Comments:

i can't wait till that bastard Castro dies so we can enjoy REALLY good cigars (legally) here in America.

my day was good. off work, and my first thousand. as if you didn't already know that...

btw...the TTLB ecosystem is working again. you should register your blog there.

and, if you haven't done so already, check out Dane Bramage. he's doing the headline thing in his unique style, and seems to be getting better with every post. i have him on my blogroll.

like that really matters, since i've been blogging for a whole 6 weeks now.

but, basil has only been blogging for 5 months....and look where he is.


By Blogger moehawk, at 03:29  

I'll be a happy camper when Fidel buys the farm.I know that ain't nice to say,but considering all the pain,misery,and sorrow he's wrought upon not only Cubans,but many Americans too,I can't have much pity for him.

As I understand it,many of the finest Cuban cigar rollers,have moved on to the Dominican Republic,Puerto Rico,and other nearby nations,and carry on their trade there.I don't blame'em,I would too.It's a dadgum crime..i dare say,a SIN,for such talent and craftsmanship,to be oppressed and hindered,by anyone..especially an egotistical commie like Castro.

I am not familiar with the TTLB ecosystem thingamabob.I'll have to poke around you and Basil's blogs and see what that's about.

I am looking at Dane Bramage now.He's got good stuff,and I like the way he thinks.

And aye,you've blogged for a short time,but you've done very well.I first visited your blog,the first week you started it (via a link from IMAO).That's also the same way I met Basil.Back in December,when I met him,he had a blogspot page,which I bookmarked,and after awhile,I saw he had his own site.That was cool,and he really took off with it,as you have.

By Blogger Moe, at 07:12  

thanks for the kind words. i was wondering for a second what you meant by a link from IMAO, then i realized it was the homepage link from the comments.

i thought for a second that i might have been big-time, being mentioned by Frank J. and all.

basil is my inpiration for beginning a blog, and i have followed his examples for being a blogger.

first, and foremost, is BE NICE. to your audience, and especially to your commentors. thank the ones that like you, and be nice to the ones that oppose your opinion. throws mean people for a loop when they don't get the reaction from you that they expected. with Haloscan, you can always ban them if that doesn't work.

must say, i have never had to ban anyone. but then, i go for the humor. hard to realy piss someone off if you are just making a joke.


/rambling once again.

good luck!

By Blogger moehawk, at 05:09  

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