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Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I'm a baseball fan, but not to the extent that Basil and moehawk are. I'm a NASCAR fan first and foremost,then drag racing,then baseball and football. But, I do so enjoy hometown minor league games, especially when I get the chance to attend. Which leads me to the point of this post.

About 15 years or so ago,my hometown of Columbia, SC, got it's first minor league baseball team; The Capital City Bombers. We were prouder than a carpetbagger taking a crap on the stolen farm of a southerner. Though Columbia is the state capital, we have the mentality of a little podunk town. (Well,we did back then,anyway) Aside from the Gamecocks (Go Cocks!) and Gamecock basketball, we didn't have much of any sports team worth mentioning or to be proud of. We really were the biggest little backwards city you'd ever seen. We were like Mayberry, but with taller buildings and a larger police force.

Well, the last few weeks, Basil and moehawk have been doing some baseball blogging, and got me to thinking. I realized I hadn't heard much of my Capital City Bombers lately. Now,following Basil's links to the South Atlantic League, I saw his beloved Columbus Catfish, and the Rome Braves (That's Rome, Georgia, not the Rome where the Eye-talians live) and the Charleston Riverdogs. But I saw no mention of the Capital City Bombers. Then I realized:

The Capital City Bombers are now the Greenville Bombers! What the hell?! What kinda grotesque sick minded heathen, moved our team to a city 45 minutes away? Who did this, and when? I bet ya $10 to a mouth full of piss and let you hold the bet, that our nasty liberal Mayor, Bob Coble, had a hand in this. I have no proof, but I have learned over the years, that he is usually responsible for all bad happenings in this city.

Aaah well. I'm just a bit surprised about this, as I knew nothing of it until today. And the name doesn't fit with Greenville, either. We called our team the "Bombers", because of our history regarding the Doolittle Raiders during WW2. They trained around Columbia,and were based out of what is now Columbia Metro Airport. As far as I know, there were no bombers anywhere near Greenville. If they are gonna change the city, then they should change the name. I still support the Bombers, but I no longer see them as our team. When they play any out-of-staters, I'll support them. But when they go up against the Charleston River Dogs, my rooty-toot-tootin' is gonna be for the Dogs.

This is in no way a slight or insult to Greenville, mind you. Greenville is a beautiful city with very honest and decent people. This is a matter of city pride, and some unknown greedhead bastard who screwed us and took away one of the few things we have in sports to be proud of. The only professional sports team we have is the Columbia Inferno ice hockey team. Yeah, ice hockey in the South. Who'da thunk it? Well, if NASCAR put tracks in New York and California and Nevada, I reckon I ought not be so surprised. Everytime someone says there's something ya can't put a price on, some greedy slickster will prove them wrong. Tradition,is among those things.

Anyhoo, bitterness aside,I put up a new poll on here (y'all did know I have a permanent poll,didn't ya?) and it asks who's gonna win in tomorrows game between the Greenville Bombers and the Savannah Sand Gnats. (I never knew Savannah had so many muslims) Just kidding! Y'all Georgians don't get the urge to drive up and whoop my ass,please. I'm just teasin' ya. :)

On a side note: Has anyone not seen my poll,or don't care? I'm just curious,'cause I think I may have it kinda *hidden* in the sidebar between everything. If this is the case,lemme know and any suggestions to a new location would be appreciated.

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