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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I Have Returnethed

Sorry for extremely light posting since Saturday,y'all. (Ok,non-existent posting)

I had a sudden and unavoidable personal matter arise, and I wasn't able to do much of anything. So, lemme check right quick and get some gratuitous name dropping caught up on, and I'll put up some new stuff in a bit.

moehawk has bunches of headlines here, here and here. He also says he had jury duty today. If anyone ever wants to get out of jury duty, all ya gotta do is when ya get to the screening process, and they ask ya if ya can be "fair and impartial", just say, "yes'm,I shore can. But I ain't gonna have to sit next to no Jooos, Coloreds or queers, is I?" I promise,they'll never call you for duty again.

Dane has also provided everyone with many mucho funny headlines, and ya can find them here, here and here. Dane also taunts me (unintentionally) by mentioning the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame,in his beautiful city of Cleveland. I've been wantin' to go there a long time. And Drew Carey was right when he said "Cleveland Rocks!". I've been there (Cleveland),and I can vouch for it.

And Basil has headline goodness here, here and here. And don't forget, today is White Trash Wednesday! Yay!

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