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Monday, May 02, 2005

Interesting Afternoon

This afternoon wasn't very long or active,but it was interesting. On my way home,I stop by Food Lion to grab some smokes and Cokes,as usual. Well,when I come out the store this hideous,foul odor hit me square in the face. I mean,this stench was all-powerful and un-holy. It had to have come from pure evil. It was awful.

Well anyhoo, I immediately thought I had stepped in something, so I started kicking my feet out and around, trying to see the bottom of my boots. Lucky,there was nothing on them, but then I heard clapping and "yeehawing". Some fellas in the parking lot were watching this and cheering me on. One of'em says, " You dance a fine Irish jig,there!" I reply, "Well whattaya expect? The waltz is too hard!"

So, we started yapping for a few minutes, and I explained what had happened, and we had a good laugh and left.

I start heading on down the road to swing by the hooch hut to grab a half gallon of tater squeezin's. Well, as I get down there,parked, and start walking to the door,I glance out at the highway,and see this big pickup pulling a 20 foot trailer with 10 Mexicans in it. I said to myself," Wow! The Minuteman Project don't play around!" heh

But in reality, those guys have work visas,or something, and are doing work on this stretch of the highway. They've been at it for several months now. But,just seeing that image made me think of the Minuteman Project. The drive home was challenging too, as it was rush hour and every single person on the road believed they all had the right of way. I felt like a duck in a shootin' gallery, trying to get across the highway and onto my road. Crazy people.

I never learned what that smell was. Maybe some things are better left unknown.

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