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Sunday, May 01, 2005

MoeBetta Headlines 05/01/05

Indians Release Four Hostages in Brazil

White eye pay much wampum

Report: Sun Plans Bigger Acquisitions

Because one solar system just isn't enough

Some Balk at Naming Highway After Nelson

Bart, Milhouse agree

Probed Paula Not Sitting 'Idol'

It paints an interesting mental image,though.

Rosie Rides The Bus

Disappointed upon learning it wasn't actually a "cheesewagon"

‘Apprentice’ turns into a dogfight

Upon realizing it was already a dogshow,producers decided to go all out

Test Pattern: Ligers and Jedi and Idol

Oh my!

Fonda's 'Monster' Comeback

Confusing for many who weren't aware the Fonda Monster ever went away

Toddler Takes Bus to Movies

Toddler gets on the bus...hungry Rosie is on the bus...uh oh

Heaven Helps a Fool

Mystery behind Michael Moore's success finally revealed

U.S.-French Team Clone Horse

Americans whoop ass when France attempts to prepare a "pony platter"

Tiny, Plentiful and Really Hard to Catch

North Koreans continue to prove themselves a rascally foe

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