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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

MoeBetta Headlines 05/04/05

al-Qaida's No. 3 Man Arrested in Pakistan

Dr. Evil's No.2 still holed up in Fat Bastard's Sumo-britches

French Pedophilia Trial Hears Sordid Tales

This is the least vulgar thing France has done in 210 years, and they are ashamed? Vile creatures,those frogs

UN says former Haitian PM jailed illegally

And Adolph Hitler,Joseph Stalin,Pol Pot,Saddam Hussein,and Fidel Castro are just "misunderstood"

Pressure builds on Taiwan's Chen

Jay Leno declines to comment

Locusts plague highway, blinding drivers

Newest drunk driving excuse to replace "a deer ran out in front of me"

In name of art, man dines with strangers

Bill Clinton asks: "You gonna finish them fries?"

Environmentalists Sue to Protect Grizzlies

Claim bears should have privacy when they...ya know...in the woods

Newfound Dinosaur a Transitional Creature

Maya Angelou proves to be quite adaptive

Gray Whale Dies Near Puget Sound Base

George Soros is dead?!

Studies Show Higher Quake Hazard Near Reno

On an unrelated note; Rosie O'Donnell bought a new home in Las Vegas

Skylark Rocket Engine Flies Final Mission

Buick getting desperate in modern auto-makers competition

Found in Arkansas: Hope on Wings

"Dope on Bling" played out

Fla. to Allow Judges to Cut Off Alimony

Deadbeat dads grateful this isn't Saudi Arabia

Airline Passengers to Be Asked for Data

Captain Picard, Commander Riker lobby for his defense

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