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Thursday, May 05, 2005

MoeBetta Headlines 05/05/05

Slaying of Afghan Women Concerns U.N.

Genocide of two million African Christians and Animists doesn't even raise an eyebrow

Putin Calls Josef Stalin a Tyrant

On an unrelated note; The pot called the kettle black

Thousands Commemorate Jewish Holocaust

Millions more celebrate

U. of California Unveils Blast Simulator

Rosie O'Donnell signs contract with U of C, Hormel Chili

Dozens Contract Illness From Small Pets

Richard Gere among first to show symptoms

U.N.: Ethiopian Kids May Die From Hunger

Ethiopian kids more likely to die because of U.N., rather than hunger

Rice Delivers Message in El Salvador

El Salvadorans dismayed it wasn't an actual delivery of rice

Bush: Americans Ready to Invest S.S. Funds

Ku Klux Klan, Aryan Nations elated

Court to Hear Dispute Over Student Loans

Just when ya thought you were squared away with Fannie Mae...

New Yorkers Want Full Term From Clinton

New Yorkers also adopt new state motto; 'Gluttons for Punishment'

Iraq Militant Group Says It Bombed Irbil

Richard Gere outraged, says "Dangit,I'm tired of these filthy lies! I'm not into.....wait..oh,you said "Irbil"?

Police Arrest 2 Climbers at Moscow Hotel

Everyone forgets their key once in awhile

U.S. Briefed on al-Qaida Interrogation

al-qaida pantsed

Chinese Troops Guard Japanese Embassy

Japanese farmers consider using foxes to guard their henhouses as well

China Woos Taiwan With Offer of Pandas

I think this is how the trouble at Neverland Ranch started

U.S. Urges Beijing to Deal With Taiwan

Americans become confused as to whose side we're on

Don't forget to visit Basil and Dane Bramage for more Headline funny! When moehawk gets off his tuchus and does headlines for today,I'll put the link up for y'all. ;)

Aw heck,just check his site anyway. He's always got good stuff going on all the time. And if any other bloggers who drop by here do headlines,lemme know! I'd be happy to see ya and give ya a link! Hooray for headlines!

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