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Saturday, May 07, 2005

MoeBetta Headlines 05/07/05

BTK Suspect May Be Writing Poetry

Strange scribblings began; "Here I sit,broken hearted..."

'Big Pussy' Considers Plea Deal

Little Dick pleads 'no contest'

Viagra for the mob? This can't turn out well...

Giving a whole new meaning to getting "whacked"

Monkey Escapes From S.C. Island Labratory

Creator of 'Moe's Woes' heard to say: "I ain't never going back! They tried to do mean things to my naughty places!"

'Whore College' Offers Hands-On Training

I knew I should have stayed in school

Teen Prank Puts Boy Up for Bid on E-Bay

California authorities immediately sieze Michael Jackson's computers, citing "precautions"

Judge Orders Surfing Teens to Write Obits

Surfers reply "gnarly duuude!"

Salvage Worker Saves Kittens From Crusher

A misty eyed Wesley stated, "I only wanted a friend"

WHO Asks Islamic Nations for Polio Funds

I dunno. Do you?

Utah Study Links Obesity and Bad Knees

Michael Moore, Rosie O'Donnell decline to participate in further studies

Court Strikes Down TV Anti-Piracy Rules

William Teach rejoices

Microsoft Reverses, Will Back Gay Rights

Gays promise to "back" Microsoft in return

Georgia Leader to Skip Moscow Celebration

Mikhail rosin up your bow, and play that fiddle hard..

Togo Swears in Son of Late Dictator

Says "sorry pop, but the early bird gets the worm"

3rd Piece of Axum Obelisk Back in Ethiopia

Don't believe me? Just axum. Go on,axum! They'll tell ya!

Mexico City Mayor Sounding Like Candidate

But still doesn't sound like a Mayor

Fortunteller Slaying Baffles Calif. Town

She never saw it coming

Report: Northwest Risks Mad Cow Exposure

Cheap ripoff of 'Northern Exposure', starring Rosie O'Donnell set to film in Washington state

French PM Raffarin has gall stones removed

Like he had any to begin with...oh wait...they said "gall"? My mistake

Hope ya enjoy'em! And don't forget to swing by and see the headline funnies at moehawk's and Basil's! And check out Dane's new advertising slogans while you're at it!

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