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Thursday, May 12, 2005

MoeBetta Headlines 05/12/05

Schools Work to Reduce Cafeteria Trash

Awww, no more sloppy Joe's, corn niblets and mystery meat?

Foot of Snow Falls in Parts of Dakotas

Frosty desperately seeking prosthetic replacement

Opponent: Abraham Soft on Pa. Corruption

Ma corruption not of major concern

Witness Testifies in Bosnia Massacre Suit

Cheap tightwad wouldn't pay for an Armani or Zegna

Explosion at China Coal Mine Kills Nine

Rare Johnny Cash ballad still not as popular as 'Big Bad John'

Strong Wind Delays Mount Everest Climbers

On an unrelated note; Hillary Clinton gave another speech somewhere today

Brazilian Town Declares Orgasm Day

200,000 show up to fake it

Who-Bun-It? 10-Foot Wiener Stolen in S.C.

John Wayne Bobbit, eat your heart out

Service Helps Dog Owners Interpret Barks

Media agencies hopeful same service will be able to translate Air America radio

Okla. Burglar Leaves ID Near Hot Tub

Ham Burglar leaves a floater

N.M. Man Arrested for DUI for 20th Time

Don Imus rides again

Macaulay Culkin comes to Jackson's defense

Says he knows how it feels to be homo alone

Dinosaur Exhibit Opens at NYC Museum

George Soros, Helen Thomas, Sen. Robert Byrd slated to be guests of honor

Enjoy! And swing on over to see moehawk, Dane Bramage and Basil for more wholesome headlines!

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