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Sunday, May 22, 2005

MoeBetta Headlines 05/22/05

Sri Lanka rides tsunami to keep economy afloat

Abandoned by neighbors, Sri Lanka is forced to float alone

Yukon reindeer herd cull leads to demands for info about bowel disease

Canadian PM responds: "All I can tell you is that it's bloody crappy, eh

Apple Patches Tiger Server

Woods says he knew apples would improve his game, and dismissed Fuzzy Zoeller's 1997 suggestion

Rehnquist, Alice Cooper Awarded Same Honor

Cooper whispers to Rehnquist: "Hey stoopid, welcome to my nightmare"

Hurricane Adrian Fizzles Over Honduras

South American porn star joins 'mile high club'

U.S. House rejects lifting offshore drilling ban

Clinton argues that it should be legal to drill anywhere one pleases

Bush Urges Graduates to Serve Community

Says most of the knuckleheads will wind up doing community service anyway

Lawyer leads double life as porn star

Johnny Cochran continues to screw society from the bowels of Hell

Police demolish homes by mistake

Police say they mistook them for crack houses

Antarctica scientists get big ice cube delivery

Ice-T, Dr. Dre expected to arrive shortly afterwards

Raising the bar on free bus rides

Senator Robert Byrd insists all passengers be taller than Rosa Parks

N.J. Police Use Soap to Free Boy From Pipe

Michael Jackson used vaseline to free pipe from boy

I slept with wife's mum

Mum's the word

Bush probes Saddam's pants

Results same as WMD search

Fire at Children's Sleepover Kills 9

It could have been worse; they could have been at Neverland

Scientists Say Sunshine May Prevent Cancer

And rainbows and butterflies will make the whole world love each other

Enjoy! And swing on by and see moehawk and Dane Bramage and see what kinda funnies they've got cooked up today!

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