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Saturday, May 28, 2005

MoeBetta Headlines 05/28/05

And the number one U.S. beach is...

Hillary Clinton! Oh wait. They said "beach"? My bad

Bogus bananas used to ship cocaine

Latest generation of female pleasure devices' slogan: 'Have a coke and a smile'

Actress jailed for prostitution

Madonna insists 'dancing the Hora' was taken out of context

The Who seeking fans' help for new documentary

Band can't remember last 30 years

Ashley Judd's bus gutted in Ark. fire

Judd calmly led the passengers out two by two

Judge bars photos of Jackson genitalia

Ruling made after Judge learned prosecution didn't mean Janet

'Liquid Gold': Olive Oil Replacing Butter

Popeye muses: "Uh ghuh ghuh ghuh, she always could hoist my main and shiver my timber"

Rosie to Appear on 'Queer As Folk'

Like moehawk says, some headlines just write themselves

Juggling Her Chinese Clan, Gay Lover, Pregnant Mom

Margaret Cho prepares for comeback

He's an Aging Loser, Baby, but it Doesn't Kill Him

Michael Moore less than enthused over title of latest biography

Giving Credit to Forgotten Soldiers of France

Latest A&E special to focus on the 'Bataillon des Singes de Reddition'

‘Eel City’ seen near undersea volcano

Scientists seeking slimy serpents never thought to just visit Washington D.C.

'Fairy Tale' Might Explain Moon Craters and Planet Orbits

Elton John weighs in on his view of space science

Solar Surprise: Electrified Wind Has Deep Origins

Rosie O'Donnell's dentist unveils solar powered cattle prod

Mystery of Mars' Mixed Up Poles Solved

Will Polish jokes never end?

Amateurs Get Best Look at Stellar Nursery

Michael Jackson, NAMBLA take new interest in astronomy

FAA sets up plan for spaceflight permits

Ralph Kramden's threats to Alice must now get government approval

Hope ya enjoy! And don't forget to swing by and see more headlines at moehawk's, Dane's and Basil's! They got some mighty good stuff brewing over yonder, I tell ya what!

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