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Friday, May 13, 2005

Ya Say Ya Want An Evo-Lution

Well now. Something interesting and kinda rare and odd has happened in the past 3 days or so. Three of my favorite and closest blogs, have evolved! As have I! Hooray!

Basil is the most recent to evolve, just a few hours ago. He is now a Playful Primate in the TTLB ecosystem. (That's very,very high, for those who don't know) And he hit over 50,000 on his site meter just this past Wednesday. Kudos Basil!

Dane Bramage evolved yesterday, and he is now a Slithering Reptile. Congrats buddy!

moehawk evolved Wednesday, and he now sits (or stands?) as a Marauding Marsupial. He went and Got-R-Done!

And for lil' ol' me, I evolved into a Flappy Bird sometime earlier this week. I don't know when it happened, cause I was laid up in the rack moanin' and groanin' and watchin' Hee Haw and Dukes of Hazzard.

Anyhoo, I just wanted to give a big congrats to my blog buddies,and to everyone who reads all our stuff and helped push us all up higher. Thanks y'all, and G-d bless ya! :)

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