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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Happy Belated Birthday To moehawk! (Little "m", Or Else!)

Me being such a slack piece of crap this past week or so, I didn't learn that one of my favorite blog buddies done gone and got a year older until a short while ago. So to make up for it, I am gonna sing moehawk this little birthday diddy:

Happy Birthday to you,
I thought you was a Jooo,
'Cause yer that dadgummed coo',
Happy birthday to you.

How old are ya now?
Yes, Rosie's still a cow,
She smells like a wet sow,
But ya already knew that, so how old are ya now?

Hey, I ain't never claimed to be no Hank Williams or Ray Charles! My best poetry is on the terlit walls in SC and GA truckstops.

Anyhoo, happy birthday, buddy! G-d bless you and yours and may y'all have many more!

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