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Thursday, June 16, 2005

In Support of Faith

I've recently become aware of a nice new blog called Crosses aCross America. The blog's purpose is to encourage Christians, Jews, and folks of other faiths to display their religious symbols everywhere possible, which is something I strongly support. Their description is self explanatory:

We are a non-demoninational group that is dedicated to promoting faith in God and in our country and the freedom to practice it. Religious beliefs in public places have come under attack. We encourage everyone to place crosses, star of David's, and other religious emblems on their property, in their windows, and on their cars to support this effort.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few years, you know that the ACLU (Amoral Coalition of Liberal Ugliness) has been taking every opportunity possible to remove any mention of, and the name of G-d from all places in the country. They claim they only wish to remove it from "public" places, because it "violates" the Constitution and "offends" non-believers and people of other faiths. Personally, I love it when their kind are offended. It tells me that we're doing something right. Even G-d says that the wicked cringe and writhe at the mention of His name. The ACLU and their ghoulish horde of heathens react just as HaShem said they would. But now, the ACLU wants to take things further and tell good and decent folks what they can and can't have on their private property. This must not be allowed to happen.

These latest attacks by the ACLU against religion, and against Christians in particular, reminded me of a letter I read a year or so ago. It was written by Aaron Zelman, who is the Executive Director of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. His letter begins by mentioning a case in Florida, where a Menorah was allowed to be displayed in a public park, but a Christian Nativity scene was forbidden. That riled me up and still sticks in my craw. I'm grateful that we are allowed in America, to display our Jewish symbols, but if anyone should be allowed to display their religious symbols, it's the Christians. This is a Christian nation, people. This nation may be comprised of and welcoming of all faiths,but when you look at who founded it, who built the Republic, who has put in the most work and effort to create this glorious nation of devout, moral and hard working people...it's the Christians. This should never be forgotten or ignored.

Now, go and read An Open Letter to My Christian Friends, and pray to G-d that such things never happen here. And if you think it can't happen, then you truly are blind. Remember, Adolph Hitler began as a nobody, preaching his evil in beer halls and rabble on the streets . The ACLU already has far more power and money than he did. Just something to consider.

Also, I'd like to give an extra thanks to the good folks over at Stop The ACLU for staying on the ball and keeping everyone up to date on the latest evil the ACLU is up to. Keep up the good work, guys!

G-d bless you all !

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