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Thursday, June 02, 2005

MoeBetta Headlines 06/02/05

After 'Deep Throat,' what mysteries remain?

Neither Clinton nor Lewinsky remember where the imfamous cigar disappeared to

Cops use cameras to catch pirated DVD sellers

Latest police sting puts crimp in sales of Cap'n Teach's newest video; 'Wenches Gone Wild: Groggy Style'

Warrant Out For Bobby Brown

Band says they are gonna lay him down on a bed of roses for stealing a cherry pie from Uncle Tom's cabin; Brown says that's their prerogative

Miss Canada Is Miss Universe

Miss Anthropy says it was a Miss Guided Miss Take

Roll the Fairy Tale, Fade to the Fists

What'll happen if I ever meet Elton John in a dark alley

Struggling With Nature and One Another

A heartwarming documentary about Rosie O'Donnell and liposuction

A Visit With the Creatures of the Sea

Jessica Simpson asks, "are they creatures or are they fish?"

Experts Are Listening to Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon says it's like talking to a wall

Patterns: Why the Sleepless Nights?

The book moehawk shoulda bought while at the grocery store for 2 hours

High Cholesterol? With Children, It May Not Matter

Try telling that to Corey Haim

Declaring With Clarity, When Gender Is Ambiguous

Nude photos of pop star confuses Michael Jackson jury

Roll Over Beethoven

Liberace's afterlife pickup line still not popular

Study probes why brain-wasting diseases kill

Visit the democratic underground and daily kos to fully understand

Short-necked dinosaur surprises scientists

Robert Byrd refuses to evolve

Hope ya enjoy! And don't sign off before ya swing by and visit Basil, moehawk and Dane for more headline wholesomeness!

While you're at it, pop over and see The Capitalist at Laffin at the Left. He has some dadgummed good insights on current events, and a helluva good sense of humor!

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