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Friday, June 17, 2005

MoeBetta Headlines 06/17/05

Mental hospital eyed for children

Wacko Jacko up to his old tricks again

S.C. leads the nation in speed-related deaths

We're #1! We're #1!

Woolly mammoth closer to asian elephants

Rosie O'Donnell and Margaret Cho: More than friends?

McBride has arsenal of weapons

Martina says if the Dixie Witches come near her again she's gonna 'Let Freedom Ring'

Great show...too bad it feels like an afterthought

Tom Cruise apparantly not a 'Top Gun' between the sheets

Dean Condemns 'Anti-Semitic Literature'

Insane Dem declares: "You should hate all Jews, not just the Semitic ones"

Woman Dumped Into Rear of Garbage Truck

Roseanne Barr seething mad after misunderstanding between sanitation worker and boss, and reference to "that big old white Hefty bag over yonder"

Minnesota Mayors to Have Toilet Bowl Race

City officials hope crap doesn't hit a fan

Madonna Continues Tending 'English Roses'

And I always thought her affection was just for pansies

Hollywood risks future by ignoring adults

Michael Jackson learned that the hard way

Jackson Not Out Of The Woods Yet

He always has seemed to prefer wood over a bush

Comics Not Letting Up On Jackson


Grrr! The Ball's in Your Court

Michael Jackson's 'pillow talk' disturbing not just to his victims

United by a Sisterly Bond, Friends Explore Teenage Love

Otherwise known as "college"

I know, I did waaaay too many Jackson jokes tonight. I couldn't help it. Every other news story was about that schmuck. But fear not, cause I ain't gonna let Elton John or Michael Moore get off (so to speak) easily this weekend.

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